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Design & Engineering

Rockford Ball Screw offers a mature product line, built to the highest performance design standards.  Our extensive engineering expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility ensure top performance and reliability in our products.  We offer one of the largest inventories of ball screw and ACME screw product lines in the industry and our offerings are continually growing and evolving. Our extensive product lines include cataloged, non-cataloged, standard, and non-standard offerings.

Although we showcase numerous “standard” products, we frequently perform a variety of modifications and supply custom designed product on a regular basis.  Our engineering capabilities and design resources have been utilized by numerous well respected universities and corporations.  Rockford Ball Screw is proficient in producing engineering designs in both 2D models and 3D solid models using AutoCad and Soildworks software.  We act as a trusted partner and seek to cooperatively find solutions through implementation of services such as:


Feasibility assessments

Formal engineering analysis processes, e.g., structural, stress/strain, structural dynamic, and transient modal analysis. We take viable concepts all the way through production, including custom design, development, manufacturing, assembly work, and installation.

We have extensive experience in adapting and retrofitting ball and ACME screws.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for in our catalog, please consult our customer service or engineering personnel to discuss how we can meet your unique requirements


High-Quality Products

The Rockford Ball Screw Company has resident mechanical design engineering services available for linear motion design applications.


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